The Translator class encapsulates the logic and callbacks necessary for converting string data to a value of some specified type. Every Database instance may have a Translator instance, in order to assist in type translation (Database#type_translation).

Further, applications may define their own custom type translation logic by registering translator blocks with the corresponding database’s translator instance (Database#translator).

Public Class methods

Create a new Translator instance. It will be preinitialized with default translators for most SQL data types.

    # File lib/sqlite/translator.rb, line 49
49:     def initialize
50:       @translators = proc { |type,value| value } )
51:       register_default_translators
52:     end
Public Instance methods
add_translator( type ) {|type, value| ...}

Add a new translator block, which will be invoked to process type translations to the given type. The type should be an SQL datatype, and may include parentheses (i.e., "VARCHAR(30)"). However, any parenthetical information is stripped off and discarded, so type translation decisions are made solely on the "base" type name.

The translator block itself should accept two parameters, "type" and "value". In this case, the "type" is the full type name (including parentheses), so the block itself may include logic for changing how a type is translated based on the additional data. The "value" parameter is the (string) data to convert.

The block should return the translated value.

    # File lib/sqlite/translator.rb, line 67
67:     def add_translator( type, &block ) # :yields: type, value
68:       @translators[ type_name( type ) ] = block
69:     end
translate( type, value )

Translate the given string value to a value of the given type. In the absense of an installed translator block for the given type, the value itself is always returned. Further, nil values are never translated, and are always passed straight through regardless of the type parameter.

    # File lib/sqlite/translator.rb, line 75
75:     def translate( type, value )
76:       unless value.nil?
77:         @translators[ type_name( type ) ].call( type, value )
78:       end
79:     end